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I have decided to give my training regimen a focus, some goal event that I will train toward.  My man “Timbo”(as he likes to be called), trains for marathons and triathalons.  But I have no interest in “running” –either as a sport or a training activity.  I used to run 10Ks back in the day, but now I find running too hard on the old bod.

I do like to walk, though.  And I love to hike, so Tim suggested I do a ‘Trail Run,” but instead of “running” it, hike it.  Power hike it.  Hike it like my hair is on fire and the nearest water is 13 miles away.  No strolling or bird-watching allowed.

So yesterday I sent my registrations in for not 1, but 2 Trail Challenges.  The first one is on September 20th in Mifflinburg, PA.  It’s called the Dam Half.  It’s a half marathon (13 miles). Jackie, Tim’s wife, is going to do it with me. She’s going hold my hand and tell me I’m doing great,– kinda like a doula at a natural birth. And when I cry out in anguish as death’s clammy paw scrapes at my hamstrings, she will be there to assure me that death will all be worthwhile because the tee-shirts in heaven are awesome.

The second event is the Ives Run Trail Challenge on September 26.  This is a shorter run, and much closer to home.  But it comes on the day when I will have ended a 12 hour fast with the drawing of 2 vials of blood.  It’s Community Multiple Blood Analysis Day, an event I look forward to all year as an opportunity to see how my blood is doing.

Should be interesting.

Today Tim sent me my training schedule for the next 3 weeks…  And you want to know what is listed as Priority 1?


I can totally do that.

No problemo.

Gold medal for me.

One thought on “What’s New

  1. I just love the way you write, Kath. Your reference to death being worth it because the T-shirts in heaven are wonderful……..loved it! Hilarious….


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