Yoga as Release Valve

I practice yoga everyday.  For me, practicing yoga is spiritual hygiene.  I would no sooner skip a day than skip a day of brushing my teeth or showering.

Most people I know who practice yoga do it once a week.  And when they skip many weeks in a row?  Well, it’s never pretty.  They come in looking like shit.  They look like they’ve been through the wringer.

Even a once a week practice, though not ideal, can open a valve and release a little built-up pressure and tension, enough to prevent a ‘blow up.”

A “blow up” could be snapping at the kids or the spouse.

A “blow up” could be having a fit at work (even if it’s not a visible fit, but just a freak out moment in the bathroom or on the car ride home.)

A “blow up” could be going too deeply into the wine bottle or having too many beers in an attempt to release pressure build-up.

A “blow up” could be an extended period of bad food choices with the resulting energy yo-yos and psychological bottoming outs.

A “blow up” could be “the blahs.’  Creative blahs, social blahs, life blahs.  No energy for anything.  Too much TV or internet.

If the kids, the job or life knocks you for a loop, the practice can be the smelling salts under your nose, the sip of water, the cool towel to the forehead.