Food For Thought

I have made some new goals for myself recently.  In addition to my daily Holosync session (I am now on day 290 of that without a miss) and my “pen” writing in my paper journal (I just re-started after a 2 week break and am now on day 10).

I have committed to this blog for 6 days a week (Sundays off). And I kept to that schedule for the month of September, but I’m beginning to struggle with coming up with content every day.  I need “Food for Thought.”

I need to read.  Reading is my “food.”  When I am engaging with another mind through a book, all kinds of connections start happening and there is a firestorm in my brain, and I think that I will never STOP writing.

But without food it’s like gnawing on a shoelace.

I have so many books cued up on my Kindle and on my bed table it’s not even funny.  I need to schedule in some serious reading time.  But where?  Where can I find or steal time?  What needs to go?

Today Facebook was down for awhile.  I logged in and all my friends were GONE.  It was highly disturbing.  I felt like something I had painstakingly built had been destroyed.  And in a way that was true.  I have built something there: a network of shared moments, and shared lives with quite a few people, and I felt bereft when it suddenly disappeared.  (It returned.)

But when I think of where I will find the time to read, I know it will have to be here; I will have to cut back on online activities.  I spend entirely too much time here– time that would be better spent reading.

So I’m going to try to set some parameters here.  Anyone have any experience with doing this? Like “no computer after “X hour” or before “X hour?”  How about a media fast?  Anyone done that?

I’d really appreciate your input on this.

5 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. I haven’t set hours but I have set limits as to how many times a day I will check a site because I can lose days just poking around the net…kinda disturbing really. Things here are the same, there are other things I could be doing, something more engaging and productive. I don’t know that I would be good with a media fast but maybe limiting the time I am online. But how much time is enough? Too much? Hmmmm………


  2. I “media fast” about one weekend every 4-6 weeks. No TV, my cell is turned off and only used for emergencies, and the only computer time I have is for necessary homework- no web browsing. It is a brief break, but it always feels good.

    And I have limits on websites- Facebook only once a day, typically in the morning. Twitter is a little harder- I probably check my TweetDeck more than I should, but using the application instead of the website keeps me from clicking around. And during the week, I have a time limit of one hour to check and read all my blogs/newspapers. When time is up, if I haven’t read it, I don’t. Or I save it for the next day.

    So that may be way more than you ever cared to know, and I don’t know that it will be particularly helpful, but I know since I starting curtailing media time I have read more books, got more knitting done, and gone to the gym more. Good luck! I’ll miss your frequent blog postings though… I hope all is well!


    1. Aleta–Thank you for this! I think it is very wise. I am not going to stop blogging–maybe cut down from 6 to 5 days though. I have decide to guard my “power hours” from 8AM to noon every day from “internet invasion”, and severely limit evening activity. Wish me luck.


  3. I do not have an answer, but I am with you on this. While the connections online on positive, it creeps into other aspects of life that should also be nurtured. I love the concept of a “media-fast” and am going to start with a fast on Mondays since it is on that day that I usually need calm and peace when I return home.


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