A Waste of Good Poster Board

On Sunday I drove through town and there were abortion protesters at the intersection of 6 &15.

Kids.  Teenagers mostly.  Waving handmade signs with incendiary slogans about how abortion is murder, etc. etc.

Since it was Sunday, I figured they had probably gotten all worked up into a lather at Sunday School, decided to DO something about all these “baby murderers,” went to Walmart, bought poster board and markers, and that’s how they came to be here, waving their message at all the passing cars.

So what’s a passing motorist supposed to think about this?  What’s the point of this kind of public braying of your feelings/opinion in the middle of the street?  During the election, it was the Obama people with the signs.  Before them, there were the Iraqi war protestors.

If you happen to agree with the sign, maybe you smile or give a little honk and a “thumbs-up.”  If you disagree, you look away, or scowl at the person, or flip them the bird.

Either way, your opinion of whatever is on the sign isn’t going to change.  The person with the sign hasn’t given you any reason to change your mind.  There’s been no interchange, no dialogue, no debate, no anything.

The whole enterprise has just been a colossal waste of good poster board.

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