Wussie Wednesdays

I AM capable of guiding a soft yoga class, I AM!

There is still “Happy” in Happy Hour yoga, and there is still some shred of “Grace” left in the Power and Grace class.

(Isn’t there?)

Here’s the thing about me and yoga: I like to churn.  I like to find my edge and then hang out there.  (I’m an edge dweller.)

It’s called “Chalasana.”  It’s intentionally intense.  It raises the prana.  It raises it high.

And then the next day, I wake up and walk… with some difficulty, …into a hot bath.

(But my prana is high.)

But after ashtanga in the mornings and 2 really “churny” classes on Monday and Tuesday night, I was ready for something nice and soft tonight.

So that’s what I led (and partially did) in my all-levels drop in class (to much acclaim, I might add).

So thanks to the innate  marketing genius of  Lenore Urbano, Wednesdays are now going to be known as “Wussie Wednesdays.’

(Definitely not your mother’s yoga; bring your grandma!)

2 thoughts on “Wussie Wednesdays

  1. I love this word: “Chalasana.” I want to know more. I have never Ashtangaed. I know I should. I am more Wussy-yogaish. I really should pump-up-(er, churn-up)-the-volume. Thanks for yet more inspiration, Sista Kathleen. (You know, my oldest sister is named Kathleen. We call each other “Sissy.” I guess this sounds quite “wussy”?! So, I will call you Sista. That sounds tough. That sound Ashtanga-a**-kicking tough.)


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