Morning Power Questions for Today

What am I happy about?    Sun in November, decent weather, a few blessed days off to heal.

Excited about?    Trip to Rochester tomorrow.  The prospect of a new computer.  Dinner party tonight with Tim and Jackie.

Proud about?    Maintaining my streaks with this blog (currently in week 13), writing in my paper journal (day 49 without a break), Holosync (day 328).  And most of all, staying true to my higher ideals.

Grateful for?   See #1 and add to that my relative good health minus this injury, a happy and a beautiful home, a supportive yoga community, and a few sweet friends.

What am I enjoying most right now?    Free time without lots of commitments.  Time to sleep and heal.  The sun!

What am I committed to now?    This blog. And Holosync.  And my paper journal.  I am also committed to getting better.  Eating better.  Sleeping enough.  Drinking fluids (can’t get enough of Get Smart tea!).  I am also committed to nurturing my relationship with my Inner Wisdom Guide.

That most of all.



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