The Post with the Picture of the Menorah

Got up early and did Ashtanga with Christine.

Drove to Ithaca and wrote with Zee &Co, then had a great lunch (Chinese), got coffee at Starbucks, stopped at Greenstar and made it home just in time to set up for Goldilocks Yoga.

Ate pizza and drank beer for dinner.

Lit the Menorah.

Now, the house is quiet and both the menorah and the tree are glowing softly.

Wrote about “stuff” today.  Thought a lot about “wanting,” as in, “What do you want for Xmas?”

Been reading Brent Kessel’s It’s Not About the Money.  Am only 1 chapter in, but he says “wanting” is the big issue.  If we could stop “wanting” that would be a good thing; it would solve a lot of problems (maybe all our problems.)

So let’s all work on that, okay?  Let’s all stop wanting, and instead start appreciating what we already have.

Like candles.  And soup.  And cookies.  And a soft snowfall.  And a warm bed.  And enough.  Just enough.

Like now.  It’s snowing.

And it’s 10 days before Xmas.

And it couldn’t be better than this, right?

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