A Mitzvah

When I sit down and write these blog posts I like to be in a state of calm equanimity—or for you yoga people out there—I like to write when I’m “sattvic.”

But tonight I am writing in the “jazzed” rajasic state because I just got home from my “Donate Food for the Local Food Pantry and Get a Free Yoga class” class, and can I just say one thing?

My yogarians Kick. Asana.

(What an amazing tribe!)

First, they packed the house.  One latecomer crammed in and was happy to practice on the shoe rack!  (Well, maybe not ON the shoe rack, but she was definitely on the runner in front of the shoe rack.

Second, I led them in Yoganand’s Meditative Posture Flow, which is in-tense.  Some of them will definitely wake up tomorrow going, “Whoa, what the hell happened to us at yoga last night?”

But did they complain?  Did they whine?  Did they yell out, “Fire hydrants are not enough woman? We have to side kick TOO??  Is this how you show your gratitude for all the Stove-top stuffing we brought you??

Thirdly: Cheryl?  On the harp?  During Savasana?

What can I say?  It is going to be hard to go back to the Ipod, that’s all I can say.  The music was sweet, and played with so much love.  And the harp, as a thing, was so beautiful!  I want one!  How can people not have harps in their homes?  In their studios?

(beats me.)

Then there was the food!  OMG, the food.

Such generosity.  Such caring.  Piles and piles of food for the Food Pantry.  And cash!

I did what my Jewish in-laws would call a mitzvah, a good deed.

So how come I feel like I have been given the gift?

Thank you so much, everyone who came, everyone who gave, everyone who practiced and sweated and breathed.

I bow  a deep, low, tender bow to you.


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