Boldness in the New Year?

I’ve been reading my journal from this past year and you know what?  I never do what I say I’m going to do, or what I really want to do.

Now, I realize I’m saying this hot on the heels of yesterday’s “Hurray for Me I Did a Year of Holosync Without a Miss!” braggadocio post, so some of you will be going, “Oh yeah, right.”

But really, I am a chickenshit.  It’s easy to sit in a chair and space out for an hour a day, it really is.  What’s hard (at least for me) is to do something public, something that others can point to and laugh, and be all, “Oh god, she’s so pathetic.  Doesn’t she realize that when she does that she looks like a complete moron?”

But that’s the thing I really have to do; that’s what I need to do.  I need to do the thing that has a high probability for public humiliation just to prove to myself that I will not die.

I am in year-end summary mode, which will quickly segue into New Year’s Resolution mode, and I want to know:

Does anyone make any resolutions that don’t involve weight loss?  Is anyone planning a big, bold move for 2010 and would like to share what it is in the comments?  Would anyone like to form a support group for people who are going for something big and scary and potentially humiliating in the new year and would like to have a cheering section of others doing the same thing?

I’d really like to hear what people are thinking about in the “resolution department” for the coming year.  I could use some  inspiration.

What are you thinking of doing in 2010?

One thought on “Boldness in the New Year?

  1. I have the same fear of failing, especially in front of people… case in point, I’ve always wanted to learn to salsa, but I’m too scared of screwing up in front of people to take lessons. Maybe salsa lessons will go on my New Years list!

    I’m still finalizing New Years Resolutions… but on the list for sure is learning to ride a bike. No matter how ridiculous I look trying, and failing, and falling, and trying again.

    I am also resolving to use Hindi as much as possible when I am in Udaipur, even though it will be easy to use English most of the time.

    Good luck achieving all your resolutions this year! It was great to see you Tuesday!


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