Happy Givemas

This morning I took all the food that was donated by all the yogarians over to the Food Pantry.  I had never been to the Food Pantry, so had no idea what to expect.

It was small, and filled with, well, …food.  The woman I had spoken to on the phone was there, and she and another woman were getting ready to open.

Eggs were being delivered and I had to “Stand aside!” as a man carrying eggs, barreled in.

I took the food in, and the woman behind the counter said, “This looks like a wonderful food drive!”

I thought, “Oh.  A food drive…that’s what this was…  I didn’t think of it that way, somehow…  I just thought of it as, “Bring food and don’t pay for yoga.”  I thought of it as,  “Do a good deed!  Bring food!”

But apparently it was a “Drive.”

Thing is, I don’t like to be drivenDriven is not all that yogic, you know?

What’s a better word?

How about, “give?”  It wasn’t a drive, it was a give.

Yeah, that feels right.

And what do yoga people give to a food give?  They give a lot of beans, and organic soups, and Kashi cereal.  And they also give more of the things that people who come to the Pantry expect to receive, too: boxes of mac and cheese and stove-top stuffing, etc.

Some people thought of coffee.  Someone donated a big tin of cookies!  (oh yay! somebody got cookies!)

I wanted to stay and watch what people left with, but I didn’t.

There were a few people there waiting for it to open when I left, and they looked kinda sad.

But tonight, hopefully, there is enough yummy food in some houses for some people to be able to have a special Christmas dinner.

God bless all who eat this food, and all who gave.

Happy Give-mas!

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