Cleanse: Day 3

Still feeling all sattvic and sweet.  But smoothies are a cold thing to eat at night in this weather, which is why most people do these detoxes in the spring. But I need to do it when I’m motivated to do it, when I can be quiet and turn inward, when I can rest and reflect and take a nap if I need to. And that time is now, in deepest January.

In the spring, my life gets wackadoo and extremely rajasic with a training with Yoganand in March, the Yoga Challenge in April, and the birds and the trees and the flowers calling me in all directions in May.

So I am relishing these winter days when I can spend my mornings working on my “Project,” meditating with Holosync, and practicing my yoga, and then in the afternoon, prepping for, and teaching my classes.

In addition, this body cleanse has inspired me to clean up my living space, get a jump on my taxes, straighten out my files, pare down my wardrobe and thoroughly clean my kitchen.  For Xmas I got a book called Unclutter Your Life in One Week by Erin R. Doland (Srsly? One week??? Is she kidding??) but even if it takes longer than a week, it will be glorious to have everything in perfect order by spring.

That’s the plan, in any case. Stay tuned.

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