Digital De-Clutter Day 1


I’m sitting here suffocating in calendars and planners. It’s not a bad way to die, actually.

Today is New Years Day and I’m a little hung over from too much champagne last night, but before I went to bed I remembered to delete from my phone: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

I also deleted The New York Times and The Washington Post apps, and stopped all notifications to my watch. I will not get a haptick everytime Trump tweets something dangerous or insane.  Probably for the best.

The last email from Cal came on Thursday. Here’s the gist of it:

  • Don’t log on to any social media accounts during the experiment.
  • Don’t read news online.
  • Don’t use the internet for entertainment. (no web surfing, YouTube videos, etc.)
  • Restrict Text messaging if you’re a heavy user.
  • No blogs, but you can live-stream movies and listen to podcasts.

Here are my adaptations. Social Media is gone, except for a daily Facebook check-in (notifications only) so see if anyone has inquired about yoga classes.

Today, Day One, I already had to jump on FB briefly to promote today’s Power Yoga class, and upload my monthly newsletter, but I got off quickly without checking anything else.

(So proud.)

Online news reading is gone, and I have to confess I missed it with my coffee this morning, but I’m into a good novel, The History of Love, so the pain of not having an Opinion piece to seethe over was assuaged. Somewhat.

I have decided to allow myself the Morning Joe podcast. It’s only 40 minutes and it will meet my need to know what’s going on in the world a little.

I’m really happy this cleanse allows podcasts because they’re the source of so much intellectual stim for me.

I’m not a big TV watcher anyway, nor do I use the internet for entertainment, (if you don’t count FB and Twitter and Insta) so that’s no hardship.

I also don’t read blogs, but I have committed to posting to this one every Monday for the year, so I’ll allow myself this indulgence.

When I got up, I checked my weather app. I looked at my Gmail inbox. And that was it.  It took me like, 5 minutes.

I can do this. I can.


The Doyen of the Detox

G posted some pictures on Facebook today. Pictures of dirt. Pictures of the ground. Pictures of people not wearing coats.

I don’t remember that.

I looked in the mirror today and let’s just say, I’m not a “winter.”  My skin is the color of a codfish.. The bags under my eyes could hold my wallet, phone, a full set of gym clothes and my Ipad.

I’ve got a bad case of the uglies.

So, I am on a detox mission. This is nothing new.  I have done detoxes before, am pretty much the Doyen of the Detox.

I have cycled through Clean, a bunch of times, as well as Whole30–both elimination diets. But this time I am going Ayurveda all the way, baby.  I am finally going to take myself through the protocol I truly believe in: eat with the seasons, and according to the dictates of your dosha.

My Vata is wildly deranged at the moment: eczema really acting up, dry everywhere, restless sleep, so it’s time to regain  balance. It will start with sipping hot water all day, taking supplemental manjistha and turmeric, firing up the ol’ VitaMix for my green drinks, and caffeinating and alcohol-ing waaay less.

When the dandelion greens start popping up through the snow, I will be packing them, as well as  cress into my smoothies.

In 2 more weeks it will be officially spring. Tonight we turn the clocks forward.

Could it be that the worst is almost over?


Fire Hose vs. Lawn Sprinkler

I have decided to do another cleanse.  Same thing as last January (if you’re interested I wrote about it ad nauseam in the January 2010 archives.)

Now that I’m an old hand at this, it doesn’t have the same charge and excitement of last year.  I know the ropes. I know I can do it. I know what’s involved and what’s going to suck, and I’m ready.  The big difference is that this year I bought the “kit” with all the supplements, so that will be the “new experiment” this year.  I have a queasy stomach, so I hope I’ll be able to handle them.  But we’ll see, won’t we?

This week is the ED (the Elimination Diet) part of the program.  This is where I get rid of all the fun things that have snuck back into my diet.  Things like wine and beer and ice cream and bread and pasta and eggs and cheese and coffee.

Bye, Fun food that makes life worth living but which nevertheless depletes and dampens me!  Byyyyeeeee!!

I am not doing this  because my diet is so horrible–it’s not.  It’s pretty stellar when compared to the typical American diet these days.

**I just learned that there is now a Krispy Kreme hamburger sandwich.  Yeah, a Krispy Kreme donut functions as the bun around the hamburger.  ew.**

No, my incentive is to get back to feeling like a fire hose again instead of a lawn sprinkler.

Last year when the 3 weeks were done I felt like I could leap tall buildings with a single bound.  Seriously.  My vibe was so AMPED, I could hardly contain myself.

In yogic terms (it always has to come back to that, doesn’t it?) it’s called prana, aka: life force, personal vitality, va-va-va-voom!  And mine was at Fire Hose intensity.

Lately though?  Lawn sprinkler.  You know those ones that arc back and forth lazily over a 6 foot piece of lawn?  The ones you have to go out and physically move every few hours?

Yeah. That’s me now.  I’m kind of a drip.  And I want to get my force back, my prana pressure UP!  And the quickest most efficient way to do that, I know, is by tweaking my food.

So I have cleaned out the fridge and have started to reintroduce the 2 liquid meals and one solid meal concept back into my life.

I will not be having any wheat or dairy or sugar or alcohol for the next month  but I am allowing myself a single cup of coffee in the morning.  Last year I learned that I “sparkle” just a teensy bit brighter with a little caffeine. So my ritual “one cup a day” will stay.

I’m ready to be a force of nature again.  I really am.


The End Of The Cleanse

It’s officially over.  The Cleanse, that is.  And I made it all the way through.  21 whole days.  Here’s how it ended.

On Saturday night, after a liquid (Serious Green Juice) breakfast, and a liquid (Cream of Cauliflower soup) lunch, G and I decided to eat a (chewy) dinner out, and maybe have (gasp!) a glass of WINE! to celebrate.

Because this eating regimen was a pretty big deal for both of us.  No caffeine, which I completely did without for 3 whole weeks.  No sugar.  No wheat, not a single piece of bread, not even a cracker.  No dairy, not even soy milk, because guess what?  No soy!

No eggs. No bananas. No tomatoes. No pasta.

No alcohol.  This wasn’t a huge deal during the week, but on Friday night it was really sad.  Weekend evenings felt flat.  I hated them. But I sipped my tea, and made the best of it.

But in the end, it was all so very worth it.

We went to the Wren’s Nest.  I had a cream of crab soup, a dinner salad, the stuffed flounder.  No wine. No dessert.

And you know what?  It wasn’t all that great.  It wasn’t all nom, nom, nom this is yummy!  And I went home with a little bellyache from the cream in the soup, I think.  (Good discovery, though.  Dairy doesn’t agree with me.)

So the take-away from all this?

I’m not done. Not by a long shot.

I woke up on Sunday and had my juice, my Caffix, my lemon water. I am going on with it, with some variety from time to time, but I have decided that this is the way I will eat from now on because I feel flipping AMAZING! My energy is strong.  My insides feel light. My skin is pink and clear.  My eyes bright.  I would totally recommend this Clean program to anyone.  I think it’s a great way to raise one’s consciousness about food.  All your addictions show up.  All your cravings rear their ugly heads, then are vanquished by the food you are allowed to eat.

So here’s the plan from here on out:

Juice breakfast, big lunch, light dinner.  Wine on the weekend. No caffeine. Dessert rarely, only as a treat.

And hopefully, no more posts about this or FOOD!

(Thanks for bearing with me.)

Cleanse: Day 17

So, it’s day 17 of my cleanse.

Here is a list of what is going to stay:

“Serious” green juice for breakfast.  It may not be the “only” thing I eat for breakfast the way it is now, but it’s going to be a major player.

The big mid-day meal. This is so working for me.  Love this.  I usually  get home from the studio between 7:30 and 8 PM and then eat dinner.  Bed time is around 10.  See the problem?  No time to digest.  So just a very light snack for dinner so there can be a “fast” before “break-fast.”

Coffee as a treat.  I roll so much more serenely through life without that coffee buzz (though today I was incredibly tired and I really wanted a boost.)  Yerba Mate is allowed on the Elimination Diet, and that is naturally caffeinated, so I will try that when I need a lift.

Severely limit sugar. I already know what sugar does to my system, and it’s not good.  This won’t be hard.

Limit dairy.  I already do, and although I’ll miss cheese, this won’t be much of a hardship either.

Sprouted grain bread. I am not gluten intolerant, but bread just feels like a gastro burden that I don’t need.

What’s coming back:

Wine! But only on Friday night.  Oh wine, I have missed you. Friday nights have been soooo depressing.  Not only is there no good food to eat, there is no glass of Pinot to signal that I am entering a new time zone: the Weekend Zone.

More variety of food.  I really miss bananas (especially in smoothies) and tomatoes and eggs.  I miss strawberries and peanut butter and fake meat. I miss oatmeal.  It will be great to have my vegetarian chili again, and an omelette on Sunday morning.

What has been good is that I am feeling light inside, and I have a lot of energy.  According to the scale at the gym I have lost 5 lbs in the past 2 and half weeks.  And while that is good, I don’t put a lot of stock in the scale. Scales are all different,  so I depend on the tape measure, and how my clothes fit to tell me how I’m doing. Much to my dismay, there hasn’t been any big changes there–yet!  I am hoping by continuing with the Elimination Diet after the Cleanse, to become more lean.

All it takes is patience and persistence over time, and thankfully, I am good at that.

Cleanse: Day 6

The Cleanse is taking a toll on me today. I don’t know if it’s also the weather and its gloominess that’s contributing to my extreme ennui, but I was definitely running at very low RPMs today.

I resorted to my SAD light this morning and left it on for the entirety of my writing time, and it really did help.

(I have this one. FYI.)

But as the day wore on, and it was becoming clear that this was not going to be an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind kinda day, I started to doubt my ability to complete all 21 days of this cleanse program.

And this was disturbing.  Disheartening, even.  I was so loving this eating plan up until today, and now I was  cranky.  I missed my cup of Sumatra in the morning.  I wanted more than a smoothie for dinner.  I wanted something warm and toothsome. (Spaghetti?) It’s Friday night and I wanted my glass of Pinot Noir, dammit.  These are my rituals. These are sacred. They are written in my personal Torah.  Extra-Bold coffee in the morning. Wine on Friday night.  We cannot live in this higgeldy-piggeldy way, there have to be RULES, right??!!


For almost the first time ever, I did not know how I was going extricate myself from this funk.  I did not know how to de-frag myself before my yoga class.   I knew I couldn’t very well go in and say, “Okay folks, the smoothies are really not cutting it for me today, and I miss my coffee in the morning, so it’s gonna be all savasana tonight.  Grab your blankets and eye bags and I’ll crank up the Syncronicity OMs and best of luck to you. See you on the flip side. Namaste.”

(Though, some of my students out there reading this might be thinking: Shit yeah!  I would pay good money for a 90-minute nap on a Friday afternoon after the hell week I’ve had!  Bring it, Yogamama!)

And if that’s the case I really need to know this, so I can make it into a 6-week session for February, so call me, k?)

But, I got to the studio and all my right people walked in: Jim and Bob and Mirium, and Linda, and Wolf!  my new person, and another new person, Brenna! who is a yoga teacher herself, and Fred and Lenore and Diane. And seeing them raised my spirits and my mood even better than the SAD light, so I let all my gunk go, and we rocked out: suns and variations and flow and backbends and forward bends and kapalabhati and warriors and, whew!

Yoga, for those of you who don’t know, is the best medicine.  It will cure what ails ya.  It’s going to get me through 21 days of this damn cleanse, that’s for sure.

Yoga, and my right people, that is.

Cleanse: Day 3

Still feeling all sattvic and sweet.  But smoothies are a cold thing to eat at night in this weather, which is why most people do these detoxes in the spring. But I need to do it when I’m motivated to do it, when I can be quiet and turn inward, when I can rest and reflect and take a nap if I need to. And that time is now, in deepest January.

In the spring, my life gets wackadoo and extremely rajasic with a training with Yoganand in March, the Yoga Challenge in April, and the birds and the trees and the flowers calling me in all directions in May.

So I am relishing these winter days when I can spend my mornings working on my “Project,” meditating with Holosync, and practicing my yoga, and then in the afternoon, prepping for, and teaching my classes.

In addition, this body cleanse has inspired me to clean up my living space, get a jump on my taxes, straighten out my files, pare down my wardrobe and thoroughly clean my kitchen.  For Xmas I got a book called Unclutter Your Life in One Week by Erin R. Doland (Srsly? One week??? Is she kidding??) but even if it takes longer than a week, it will be glorious to have everything in perfect order by spring.

That’s the plan, in any case. Stay tuned.