Cleanse: Day 6

The Cleanse is taking a toll on me today. I don’t know if it’s also the weather and its gloominess that’s contributing to my extreme ennui, but I was definitely running at very low RPMs today.

I resorted to my SAD light this morning and left it on for the entirety of my writing time, and it really did help.

(I have this one. FYI.)

But as the day wore on, and it was becoming clear that this was not going to be an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind kinda day, I started to doubt my ability to complete all 21 days of this cleanse program.

And this was disturbing.  Disheartening, even.  I was so loving this eating plan up until today, and now I was  cranky.  I missed my cup of Sumatra in the morning.  I wanted more than a smoothie for dinner.  I wanted something warm and toothsome. (Spaghetti?) It’s Friday night and I wanted my glass of Pinot Noir, dammit.  These are my rituals. These are sacred. They are written in my personal Torah.  Extra-Bold coffee in the morning. Wine on Friday night.  We cannot live in this higgeldy-piggeldy way, there have to be RULES, right??!!


For almost the first time ever, I did not know how I was going extricate myself from this funk.  I did not know how to de-frag myself before my yoga class.   I knew I couldn’t very well go in and say, “Okay folks, the smoothies are really not cutting it for me today, and I miss my coffee in the morning, so it’s gonna be all savasana tonight.  Grab your blankets and eye bags and I’ll crank up the Syncronicity OMs and best of luck to you. See you on the flip side. Namaste.”

(Though, some of my students out there reading this might be thinking: Shit yeah!  I would pay good money for a 90-minute nap on a Friday afternoon after the hell week I’ve had!  Bring it, Yogamama!)

And if that’s the case I really need to know this, so I can make it into a 6-week session for February, so call me, k?)

But, I got to the studio and all my right people walked in: Jim and Bob and Mirium, and Linda, and Wolf!  my new person, and another new person, Brenna! who is a yoga teacher herself, and Fred and Lenore and Diane. And seeing them raised my spirits and my mood even better than the SAD light, so I let all my gunk go, and we rocked out: suns and variations and flow and backbends and forward bends and kapalabhati and warriors and, whew!

Yoga, for those of you who don’t know, is the best medicine.  It will cure what ails ya.  It’s going to get me through 21 days of this damn cleanse, that’s for sure.

Yoga, and my right people, that is.

2 thoughts on “Cleanse: Day 6

  1. I read your blog with anticipation (no, oh no, she can do it). I didn’t want you to quit! You wanted this so much that I really want you to make it through the 21 days.

    Jeez, I know it has to be hard at times and that’s kinda what I meant when we talked about the cleanse. But when your eyes brightened and you smiled so large when talking about it that I knew it was right for your next challenge.

    Stay true to what you wanted to achieve. The food and wine will be there for you in less then 2 weeks. We have spent our lives eating and drinking. Give your body the gift that you so deserve, a 21 day of cleansing…

    And yeah, I totally agree that Yoga heals everything!! Thank you for your kindness, guidance, energy, and love that you give to us all. I feel alive again from the 2 weeks I have been practicing with you.

    Stay strong to your heart.
    Laura Lu


  2. Laura,
    Wow, that’s what I call encouragement! Thank you so much! I did NOT cave, as much as I was tempted to. I am still going strong. Started week 2 today (Sunday the 17th) and I WILL make it. You’re right, it’ll all be there when I emerge.


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