Gifts, part 1

So I got a bunch of cool things for my birthday and they all seemed to follow the theme of “health and fitness.”  (go figure, right?)

The first thing was a FitBit.

It’s a whiz-bang pedometer-plus!  It will track your movement (walking and running mainly) automatically, and then, if you want to spend the time, you can enter your food and use it as a food diary too.

But here’s the feature I think is super cool: If you wear it to bed it tracks your sleep!  I wore it last night and when I docked it this morning it told me that:

I went to bed at 10:20 PM

It took me 13 minutes to fall asleep.

I was awake 5 times in the night (and I thought I only was awake once to pee.)

I was in bed for 6 hrs and 14 minutes.

My actual sleep time was 5 hrs and 47 minutes

My sleep efficiency was 97%

In addition, there is a bar graph that shows my sleep pattern so I can see exactly the times when I was asleep and when I was supposedly awake.

I’m having fun with this!

One thought on “Gifts, part 1

  1. That little gadget sounds really cool!! I would love to track my sleep because I have such trouble staying asleep and sometimes I’m not sure if I was guiding my dreams or actually dreaming…


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