20,810 Days Old

Today’s my birthday so I’m going to make this kinda short tonight.

This is how my day unfolded:

Got up and went to the studio at 6 AM and did ashtanga.  I was the only one there this morning, so I was more focused on my own practice and less on “keeping up.”

Came home and made a delicious juice for breakfast: I juiced carrots, kale, celery apples in the juicer, then I blended a fresh mango with some frozen blueberries and coconut water in my new Vita-Mix and added it to the juice.  It was fantastic.

As I sipped my juice, I got a present.  A FitBit!  It tracks all my activities, calories, even sleep.  It’s really small, and works on Wii technology.

Because the weather was typically Kath’s b-day craptastic, I sat in front of my SAD light for my hour of Holosync, then it was a Boomer walk and off to my massage with LauraLee, who is nothing short of brilliant at what she does.  2 hours of Amazingness.

Home to my solid meal for the day, leftover tuna stirfry over kasha, then shower and to my class: Nuts and Bolts Yoga where the emphasis was on backbends.  Sweet class, and my students “OMed me!

Home to dinner (cauliflower soup) and more presents: a homemade afghan from Zee and special tea and coffee and lifting gloves and a jigsaw from Em and Scott.

It feels weird not to have a cake, or champagne or a nice dinner out, but I am so happy.  I feel great, I love my family and friends and I think this year is going to rock.

More tomorrow.

One thought on “20,810 Days Old

  1. I’m having a bit of problems reading the closing of the clause. The final paragraph gets interrupted midway complete. You should have a look at that.However, the rest of the read was good!


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