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5 Things I Am Grateful For Today

Here are 5 things I am grateful for today.

1. My warm, cozy house, and especially my warm bedroom with it’s soft mattress and heated mattress pad, and my Space Chair.

2. Tranquility Bubble Bath from Aura Cacia.

3. Gym Tim for making my weight workout so much fun and so inspiring.

4. My incredible yoga students who blow me away with their dedication, their discipline and their unending cheerfulness, even in this frigid weather.

5. Green juice.  And the Vita Mix. And the Champion Juicer. And dulse flakes. And chia seeds.  My 21 Day cleanse ends tomorrow, and I feel incredible.



I’m a small town yoga teacher who says motherfucker a lot. I hate anything woo. I’m into neuroscience. And facts. I’ll lead the chanting of “om” sometimes, but it makes me feel awkward. I want to access flow states. As far as yoga helps me do that, I’m into it. Dopamine is my fave neurotransmitter. Don’t tell anyone I told you this.

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