Marathoning For Mortals

I don’t like to run.  I used to run, back in the 70s when it was all the rage.

I started in graduate school. I ran to blow off steam.  I lived on  Codfish Falls Rd in Storrs, CT and ran in between bouts of reading The Life of Johnson.  I think I was in such pain reading The Life of Johnson that the pain of running felt like a soothing balm.

I continued running when I returned to PA after grad school mainly because I was living in Tioga and was depressed about living in Tioga, and running felt easier than living in Tioga, PA.

I continued running when we built a house in Mansfield.  I continued to run and I trained every year for the L’eggs Mini Marathon in Central Park (a 10K) up until…I don’t remember when I stopped, but when I stopped, I stopped cold.  I think I just got bored with it.

Tonight I went to a meeting at my studio, led by Gym Tim, and I committed to run/walking a half-marathon in May.

I think it will be fun.  Either that, or it will be painful.  Either that, or it will give me something to write about here, now that my Cleanse is over.

Yeah, mainly that.

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