Tiger Woods

I made it a point to turn on the TV this morning and watch Tiger Woods’ first statement since his, (ahem) indiscretions.

I expected him to admit he had made mistakes.

I expected him to say he was sorry for hurting his wife, disappointing all the kids who looked up to him, and making a mess for his sponsors.

I also expected him to say things about his being “just a human being who makes mistakes.”

But he didn’t say that last thing. He didn’t let himself off the hook in any way.  He didn’t exhibit one iota of  arrogance and I was waiting for it, I was.  He did get fired up about false accusations that his wife, Elin, had tried to hit him with a nine iron.  He got really hot about the paparazzi who have been stalking his children.  He said, in effect, “They don’t deserve to suffer.  I deserve to suffer. It was my fault, so please don’t make them suffer anymore.  Leave them alone.”

He just laid it all out there.  He echoed back to everyone their disappointment in him and said they were right to feel the way they did.  He screwed up.  Royally.  He knows it. He understands how outraged and disappointed and disgusted everyone is with him because he feels those same emotions towards himself.

But you know what?  Tiger is going to turn it around.  If I could buy Tiger Woods stock now, I would.  His stock is cheap now, so I can afford it.  If I were an investor, I would “buy low” now, and then retire in 10 years, rich, because this man is going to be magnificent.

That’s what I predict.  This could be the best thing that ever happened to him because he has has now seen the belly of the beast.  He is the Homeric hero; he has experienced  the the results of hubris, and he is going to come back stronger and deeper than ever.

He is going back to his Buddhism, he says.  He is going back to integrity, spirituality, and core values.  When he next steps up to the tee, he will be a completely different Tigers Woods.  He will be focused, centered, humble, and at peace.

Tiger Woods is going to be magic.  No one is going to be able to touch him.  He is going to be magnificent, whereas before this he was just incredible.

He didn’t ask that we find it in our hearts to forgive him.  He asked if we could find it in our hearts to believe in him again.

I, for one, already do.

One thought on “Tiger Woods

  1. Katleen:

    “To err is human/To forgive, divine,” wrote a poet once.

    That instantly came to mind when I read your post.

    Thanks for your message: it is one of keeping the faith. I felt inspired by your post.

    We make mistakes but deserve a second chance.
    Life is a work-in-progress and we need to help and support one another on this journey. Cheers.


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