Cat and Taxes

I’ve been putting it off.  I always put it off.  Is it hard?  Not really.  Is it interesting? Not at all.

I don’t even DO them, per se.  I have an accountant who is a whiz and finds me all kinds of deductions, plus he’s a character and I like him.  But what I do have to do is get ready for him.  I have to get all my receipts and other little pieces of paper that I throw into a box that says “Begin Anywhere” on the front of it and organize them.

There was a time not long ago when I really got into GTD.  For a day.  (GTD stands for “Getting Things Done” and it’s a great system, but I can’t do it.  I did buy a labeler though, just to show you how serious I was.  I do like the labeler, but I don’t use it. Or I did use it in one mad flurry of labeling and then got bored.

So it snowed today. Everything was closed, even the University.  I canceled my Yoga for Moods class and just hung out, reading, doinking around online, doing dishes, and then I finally decided to Get Things Done!

I hauled out my Begin Anywhere box, put This American Life on the speakers in the bedroom (which annoyed the hell out of the cat) and began s-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g  0-u-t.  The cat (who cannot get by on less than 23 hours sleep a day) began to get alarmed.

Here’s how it rolled:

It begins
You're starting to get on my nerves
I hate taxes!

One thought on “Cat and Taxes

  1. Kathleen:

    There are only two things which are certain in life: death and taxes, to paraphrase an old saying.

    Yes, delegate as much as you can. Can’t think of anything so darned tedious and boring as filing income tax returns, bean counting, number crunching…but I wish you lots of luck anyway.

    At the start, I tried to do everything by myself and my life was a mess. Then, I decided to prioritize and focus on my strengths–and have others help me and take care of the rest. The focus on such trivial details can give anybody a headache.

    Your cat looks adorable: seems rather well-fed too.
    It seems like her mommy takes good care of her.

    Once you file taxes, just you wait and see: it will lift your sagging spirits. And then, finally, whew! you will have more time to pursue your passions!


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