My Vacation

I am buried in laundry.

My house looked AMAZING when I walked in, exhausted, after a week away. (yay me for cleaning!!)

My trip to Yosemite was… (adjectives fail me)  Spectacular?  Yeah, that’s getting warm, but it was more than that.

Here’s what I DIDN’T do:

I didn’t pick up my pen once the whole week.

I did do one downward dog and one headstand–but that’s it.  For a whole week.  (tsk-tsk)

I have a whole lot of posts planned in my head.  I had a lot of thoughts about vacations, why they’re important, what they do, etc, and I AM going to get them all out, in little dribs and drabs in the next few days/weeks. Climbing up waterfalls and standing by rivers are very conducive to deep thinking if you didn’t know that already.

G’s the photographer but even she was humbled in the face of the things we saw, constantly saying: “I took a shot, but there is no way I can capture THAT.”

It’s true.  So go look at Ansel Adams’ photographs if you want to see pics that DO capture THAT.

I did take some video with my Nikon Coolpix (a camera I am growing increasingly fond of, btw.) And I will try to embed some video here to give you a little taste of what we experienced.

In this first one, G is pointing out the route of the Panorama Trail.  She and I both call it the “Cascade Range” in this clip.  It’s not the Cascade Range, it’s the Clark Range.  Blame it on the altitude.

In this next one, we are sitting at one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been.  (I want part of my ashes scattered here when I die, I told G.)  In this clip, I discover how to “zoom” while taking video.  It was a good discovery.

This clip is a continuation of the last one.   I call it: “Say Ecstatic Again.”

2 thoughts on “My Vacation

  1. Kath, these are fantastic videos! So glad you had a good trip. When you said, “Vernal Falls,” all of these childhood memories came flooding back from when I was 6 and hiked this amazing trail up to the falls. Thank you!! Can’t wait to see more pictures and videos.


  2. So happy for you guys! Those clips brought back memories for me too, when we hiked up past those same falls to the top of half dome! What an amazing place. Yosemite rules!!


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