Well I discovered last night at the Apple store in Rochester that there is no gizmo that will let me upload pics directly into my Ipod Touch.

Oh but let me just tell you about the Apple Store on a Saturday night! The fondling of the Ipads? Obscene! Everyone including little ones in strollers were playing with them. And
the babies were showing the adults the advanced features.

Do I want one? Of course I do! But I don’t need one ( except if I had one I could upload pics on it.)

Now I am sitting in the JFK airport waiting for the flight to Sacramento. This is my first time flying Jet Blue and so far it’s been quality. The terminal is state of the art for mobile travellers who need to be connected 24/7. I’m sitting on a stool on font of a screen that I can order food from and someone will bring it to me–drinks too without having to look up from this screen.

This is suposed to be a “good” thing?

This is me logging out to go people watch.”

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