Yoga Class Tonight

A whole lotta people showed up for tonight’s drop-in yoga class.  There were a few brand new people, some kinda new people, and some regulars.  I had 8 mats set up and 13 people showed up.  Love it when that happens.  Love new people!  Love old people!  Love kinda new people!

(Hate it when the ventilation system in the room doesn’t work, though.  Hello?  Mark? Wassup?)

When there is a really diverse class like there was tonight, I have to bring my “A” game.  It’s hard to keep an eye on everyone and talk and assist at the same time.  It’s challenging to figure out postures to do that won’t have people eating each other’s toes.  It’s a yoga teacher’s dream, really.  (Or it’s this yoga teacher’s dream, anyway.)  It requires thoughtful sequencing, and a little creativity, and a good sense of humor.

So, a big thanks to you, my darling regulars for bringing new people.  And thanks to my kinda new people for continuing to come and work hard and give up their beloved back row seats for the brand new people who are really scared and need to sit in the back.

I always say this, but the very best people come to my studio.  I think it’s partly a function of self-selection based on the activity itself, and partly a function of what the yoga reveals, or elicits, in people.    There is such good energy in that room, such incredible dedication and energy and putting forth of effort!

Blows me away.

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