Costume Changes

1. Pajamas to yoga clothes.

2. Yoga clothes to running clothes.

3. Running clothes to gardening clothes.

4. Gardening clothes to dog walking clothes.

5. Dog walking clothes to sacred writing pants.

6. Sacred writing pants to (shower) and then back to (different) yoga clothes.

7. Yoga clothes to pajamas.

Am I the only one who changes clothes 7 times a day? Do you see anywhere in this madness that I could consolidate?

Yeah, I know.  Some people do wear pajama bottoms to yoga, but it’s usually not the teacher, hello?

And I guess I could run in yoga clothes, but it’s been in the high 40s these past few mornings and yoga togs are a bit on, shall we say, the the thin and skimpy side?

And everyone knows that gardening has its own specialized grunge couture that doesn’t go seamlessly from “day to evening.”  If you know what I mean.

And my sacred writing pants, are, well, my sacred writing pants.

So all day long I find myself backstage, changing costumes, as the story of my life slowly unfolds.

I feel a lot like Cher between sets in Vegas.  Really.  I do.

One thought on “Costume Changes

  1. you bring such joy to my life … thanks for making me laugh! (i am at home with a sick child today & getting caught up on my inspirational reading! thank you!)


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