Friday Gratitude

This week I am grateful for:

My velvet comforter. (Yum.  The nights are getting chilly.)

That the ventilation system in the studio was fixed. (Holy “Hot Yoga,” this week, Batman!)

Yin Yoga –both being able to teach it, and my private practice of it.

My awesome pranayama runs this week (every day!!) Nasal breathing is definitely getting easier.

Keeping steady with my disciplines: everyday meditation and everyday yoga.

Getting back to my writing (thank god!) I have been in an unbelievable funk with the ink!

Rain.  Desperately needed.

Big, awesome lunches that keep me fueled all day. Part of my new ayurvedic eating system. (Today, Naan pizza and sweet potato.)

That G’s foot is healing (yay!!) and she got a new orthotic at the Dr.’s today.

New glasses!  Black, boxy, bold.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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