Happy Solstice

Badges, Baby! (750 Words)
Image by randomcuriosity via Flickr

So clearly, the #Reverb10 thing is not working out.  I do get the prompt everyday via email, and I dutifully paste it into 750 Words and then proceed to write whatever is really and truly on my mind, which usually has nothing to do with the prompt. (750 words, if I haven’t mentioned it before, which I think I have,  is TOTALLY working out; I have not missed a day yet this month, and that Albatross Badge?  So close.  I can practically taste it. (Yum.)

How come I am always drawn to challenges when it is least likely that I will be able to meet them?  Answer me that, will you?

And on that note, how come it is, when it is THE world’s worst time for a getaway, I NEED one? Like the week before Xmas??

I don’t really celebrate Christmas. I don’t mind Christmas, and I do actually like some of its rituals, like a lighted tree in the house ( I really like that), and I like an excuse to get out my cookie press and make spritz cookies.  But what I really look forward to is the Solstice.  I want to feel my ass hit that deep, depressing, dark pit of gloom at the bottom of the year, and then start noticing as my ass begins floating up, and up, and up, as the light increases, even if it’s just a nano-second each day. 

So to celebrate the Solstice, G and I booked a little getaway this weekend (did I mention it’s the WEEK BEFORE XMAS?) to Ellicotville, NY  in the hopes that there would be some snow there to cross-country ski on.  And by golly, there was!

Here. Look.  (In the narration I mention that it’s December 2011 but it’s not, obviously, it’s 2010, but I am apparently already practicing so I don’t mess up any checks come January.)

We rented a chalet about 5 miles out of town with enough acreage around it to ski.  Vacation Rentals By Owner is the way to go!

Ellicotville chalet
Inside chalet with tree
Inside chalet with fireplace

And perhaps best of all, the place had no TV (just a DVD player) and no wireless (!!!!!), so I was disconnected (*gasp*)–except for the coffee shop in town– the whole weekend.

After this little interlude, I am now ready to rejoin the Happy Holidays!!  I just needed some time to watch the sun rise and then to watch it set and, as Rod McEuen would say, to “Listen to the Warm.”


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