I love my life

Pheucticus ludovicianus (Rose-breasted Grosbea...

Image by Arthur Chapman via Flickr

Sometimes it just has to be said: I love my life.

So many times I focus on the things I don’t like about my life, my situation, the weather, the whatever.  But man.  When all is said and done, I love my life.

I am at this very minute sitting on my deck looking at a pink sky. A rose-breasted grosbeak is singing its fool heart out from the top of the locust tree in my backyard.  I just returned home from leading a sweet little yoga class, and then having a wonderful conversation with one of the most beautiful and amazing of all my students, a woman I wished I had met years ago when we lived not 100 yards away from each other in Levittown, PA.

It is such a small world.

I love the smallness of the world. I love how the internet is making us really cozy.

I just returned from a little vacation in Florida. Went down to Key West, had a blast, rented a Mustang convertible, and drove it from Ft. Lauderdale to Mallory Square in Key West and sat on a veranda overlooking the sea and sipped a Stella and watched the sun set and applauded it when it did, along with lots of other people who had gathered to do the exact same thing.

I love my life.

Did I mention that?

Did I mention also that I don’t care about money, or things, or possessions?

Did I mention the bird? The rose-breasted grosbeak that is singing from a high branch of a Shade Master Locust tree in my backyard? A tree that survived a killer storm that caused the whole town to lose power for 2 days?

We arrived home from applauding the sunset in Key West to a massive power outage and trees down all over town, but the 100 year old oaks in the front yard of our house still stand, stalwart, untouched.

I love my life. I do not take it for granted. I know how fortunate I am. I bless it. I do what I can to help those not so fortunate.  I give thanks every single day for my life.

My one wild and precious life.

Namaste. The light in me sees the light in you.

Every day.

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