I went to the gym last night after yoga to do my rowing. This was a mistake because the place was packed with students, and not only that, I forgot about the whole “proper footwear” thing, and was in my Mione’s and my feet kept slipping out of the straps, which was annoying.

The two rowing machines at the gym are situated RIGHT next to the free weights, and if guys are lifting and preening in front of the mirrors, having some chick doing her thing on the rower at the same time is a big pain in the ass because people have to time it just right so as not to get elbowed by the rower as they make their way to the  ellipticals.

Last night I turned out to be that chick on the rower causing the little aisle between the free weights and the captain’s chair to be practically blocked.

(Ask me if I care.)

The students did provide an interesting show for me last night, though. All the freshman are instantly pegged by their school-issued lanyards, from which they dangle their IDs and their room keys. It’s adorable.  (I wonder how long it will take them to realize that this isn’t that cool of a look?  My guess: Halloween.)

A lot of students walked in looking tentative and uncomfortable. It was clear they had neither a clue, nor a plan.  Maybe they walked in “to work out,” but then instantly realized they did not know what that entailed, exactly.  The gym is definitely a “scene” where it appears everybody knows what they’re doing, but you.

It’s hard. I wanted to put my arm around them, and whisper in their little ears: “Look, come back tomorrow, in the afternoon, when there is nobody here.  Then you won’t feel so intimidated.” Because god knows, they need it.  We ALL need it.

Rowing is my new worky-outy thing.  I discovered it a few months ago when I stepped off the treadmill feeling all tight in my shoulders, so I did a few minutes on the rower to loosen up.

“Huh,” I thought. “This is kind of all right. It’s easy and flowy and kind of relaxing.”  I then Googled “indoor rowing for fitness” when I got home, and whatdaya know?   Indoor rowing as an exercise is pretty kick-ass.  Cardio and strength all in one.  Excellent!  So I bought a few books with different rowing routines, and now I am launched on a 12-week rowing “experiment.”

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream.

Yeah. Especially that last line.

3 thoughts on “Rowing

  1. Hey Kath! I love indoor rowing too, but what’s the deal with the gym situating the ergs in such awful locations?! At my gym, they’re in the “stretching” nook, so I’m on one side of the wall, pulling and sweating, and then there’s someone across from me on the little stretching seat, and we’re both staring at each other.

    I didn’t use them at the time, but the ergs at my university rec center had video monitors that simulated an on-the-water race. Otherwise, it’s kind of boring!


    1. Oh man, video monitors??!!! That would be sweet! Hey, I see you have a wordpress blog now, too! All righty, now! I have subscribed, but I would love to get it into my feed-reader. You should add the RSS widget to your sidebar. It would make it lots easier for people like me who like to read blogs that way.


  2. Good to be reminded that indoor rowing can be – gasp – enjoyable. It’s generally regarded by rowers as the ultimate chore / torture / thing-to-be-put-off-as-long-as-possible. Will be interested to hear how you get on.


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