When we were in Colorado this summer, we stopped in Ward. There is a General Store in Ward, and inside the store (where, for some reason you weren’t allowed to take pictures) there was a sign that said:

“Hay. Did anybody see the fight on the corner Friday night? If you did,  Pete, the sheriff, wants to talk to you.”

That there had been a fight on the corner on Friday night in Ward went without saying, from the looks of Ward, but what charmed me the most about this sign was the word, “Hay.”

Today G and I went for a bike ride on the bike path in Mansfield which adjoins hay fields. There were lots of those big round bales sitting in the fields. They were beautiful. I said to G, “”Hay! Do you see those bales? I want to take a picture!” In the course of looking for my shot I walked far away from my bike. She rode my bike back to me.

It was a good day.  Not as good as the day in Ward.  But very good.

G with bikes



5 thoughts on “Hay

    1. Because she has a 3-syllable last name that begins with “G” and it’s just easier. If you ask her though, she’ll say it’s because “G” is short for “Gorgeous” or “Great.” (hehe) Can’t argue…


  1. Hay. It’s great to have you back, posting regularly and smiling at us from the top of the page!!!! Great photo!!!! Thanks for sharing your wit & wisdom!!!! Your words help me FLOURISH!!!! Rock, Row & Write on, Sista!!!!


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