Spring Decorations

One reason I could never be an elementary school teacher is bulletin boards. All teachers spend a lot of time making their rooms interesting and stimulating environments for their students, but elementary teachers go hog-wild, changing things around based on the curriculum and the seasons.

It’s nice. I approve. But I could never get into it, personally. I’m not “crafty.” I don’t sew or paint or quilt or macrame or cross-stich or, you name it. (I am also not “crafty” in the sly, devious sense either, just so you know.)

But I have to admit that I like it when I see seasonal changes in decor when I go places, and I especially like it in my own house.

G is into “changing things up” for the season in terms of little knick-knacky things around the house. These things make me smile when then just magically “appear.”  Here’s a little glimpse of what showed up this week:

This is what greeted me in the mudroom:

Spring mudroom


















And these spring towels hung from the stove:

Spring kitchen

And on the dining room table, daffys in a blue vase. (Love daffodils in a blue vase!)

Spring table

On the sideboard:

Spring sideboard

And on the mantle, Kwan Yin sports bunny ears:

Spring mantle

It made me smile. G could have done bulletin boards! She would have totally rocked them.

Maybe we should put one up?