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Hat Hair

I will wear a hat if it’s below 40, or windy, or snowing

I will pull my hood up if it’s raining, rather than carry an umbrella.

I have never found a baseball cap that fit my head .

Visors should only be worn by poker players.

But birthday hats? Yeah, birthday hats rock. Everyone looks great in a birthday hat, don’t you think?

Pop one on, pull the elastic around your chin, and commence partying down.

Bring on the pinata!

Bring on the cake and the ice cream.

Right, Boomer?

Birthday Boomer





I’m a small town yoga teacher who says motherfucker a lot. I hate anything woo. I’m into neuroscience. And facts. I’ll lead the chanting of “om” sometimes, but it makes me feel awkward. I want to access flow states. As far as yoga helps me do that, I’m into it. Dopamine is my fave neurotransmitter. Don’t tell anyone I told you this.

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