Drinks and 6 o’clock

I missed yesterday’s posting of the photo of the day, the theme of which was “Drink.”

It was an early morning. We had to be up in Ithaca for G’s surgery by 9 AM. I got up and had coffee. She got up and swallowed one pill with half a dixie cup of water. The next time she had something to drink it looked like this:

G Drinks

I remember working in a coffee place once and asking customers if they would like their coffee in an IV drip. Hah. Hah.

Trust me. There was no coffee in that bag. There was “fluid,” yes, but only the kind that keeps the vital organs…well…vital.

I, on the other hand had this:


So my vital organs were doing the Macarena.

That made me the driver by default because only humans with lively vital fluids in their veins are allowed to drive cars, not dehydrated zombie surgical patients who are only permitted to swallow their own saliva.

The day had its moments. Surgery was delayed by 3 hours. But on the up-side, the surgery was a success.

On the down-side, there was wooziness and lots of projectile vomiting.

On the up-side, it held off for the drive home which took almost 2 hours.

On the down-side, there is now a timed regimen of pills and a cast and an arm in a sling.

On the up-side, there is coffee and food and DVRed episodes of Cake Boss.

For me, there is also this:

6 o’clock

Which is nice to have at 6 o’clock on a beautiful night in June, after a day of bagged fluids and barf bags.



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