July 1st

How predictable am I? First day of a new month, filled with all kinds of resolves to do all manner of extraordinary things, but hey, YOU. NEVER. KNOW.

I totally bonked on the Photo-a-day thing last month, so let’s give this another go. Today’s theme: Self-Portrait.

Kill me now.

Oh, how I hate taking pics of myself. Hate it. So let’s change the subject.

Today I spent the whole day screwing around with Mailchimp trying to learn how to send fancy emails to my yoga students. I like learning new things, but the time it takes, well, it’s my LIFE, and I am always questioning: Is this the best use of my time, my one wild and precious life???

Will this make my life easier? Will it make it more fun? Will it make it more interesting and groovey? Because these are the acid test questions. I dunno, but I spent the day doing it, and I sent out my first “campaign” which is what Mailchimp calls email. I feel like General Patton. Or Rommel. But I did it, and it worked, and I still have a lot to learn. Baby steps.

I made curried chicken salad for dinner. I took a shower. I am drinking water. My life is freaking AMAZING.

But today I was doodling around on 750 words, trying to figure out a formula that I could use to do this blog every day. Something like a template where I would just plug info in at the right spots, sort of like MadLibs, and at the end get a whacky story of my day.

And maybe I will make up a MadLibs blog post app, but the other idea I hit on was to think of this as a newspaper, with sections. There would be the Top Story section, and a Living section which could be house and home projects which are always ongoing. Then I could have a Sports page devoted to news about my personal yoga practice; a Business page about how the studio is doing, and a Weather page which would include the meterological situation, but also my psychological weather report. Then lastly, if I’m feeling musey and philosophical I could write an Op-Ed piece.

Wonder if that would work? No harm trying, right?

So just now when I turned on the camera thingy on my Ipad and told myself to just suck it up and take something I had a moment of complete despair. Really? Is this what time has wrought? And if so, fine. Just don’t make me look at it.

So I went back into my picture archives and found this. I took it one day when I was playing around with the camera feature on the Ipad. I made myself black and white. I seem to look better that way.


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