Staring out the Window

My view

This is the view from the windowseat, where I am lying now, sipping wine, staring through the window, thinking that I probably should Windex the dog’s nose prints from the window before I take this picture, but I’m too lazy.

If you follow me on Pinterest you know that I love windowseats. This one, the one I am sitting on now, isn’t so much a windowseat as a long daybed next to a window. A windowseat, to be true one, in my opinion, has to have a “nooky” quality to it. It has to be enclosed and womb-like in some way.

This one isn’t. But it will do. It will do just fine.

Today was kind of rainy and drippy. I went to Wegmans and as I was putting my groceries into my car, a girl about 14 came up to me and asked if I would drive her and her 3 friends (boys), to Subway.


I don’t ever remember seeing a Subway in Corning.

“Where’s Subway?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s down that way,” she said, pointing toward Rt. 17.

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll take you.”

And I did. I drove them down Market Street for about 3 lights and then they jumped out. They didn’t say thank you. They laughed. It was a kind of a prank, I think. I felt stupid. I wished I had said no.

I thought of my friend Frank who is always helping people who are in need. At first these kids looked kind of lost and in need. They said they weren’t from around here. So I think I didn’t do a “good deed” but a “stupid deed.”

And now I am sitting on the windowseat, looking out at the lawn, with the view of the hanging petunias and the hammock, and thinking about my stupid deed. I am feeling like a chump.

I’ll bet Frank would have seen right through those kids. I’ll bet they wouldn’t have even asked Frank for a ride because Frank’s not a chump. Me? Maybe I have “Chump” written all over me.

One thought on “Staring out the Window

  1. You’re not a chump. You are a kind, giving human. They would be the chumps…or punks, as we call them in my house.


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