The Best Part of My Day

I actually put my Ipad in my bag this morning on my way to yoga thinking that I needed to keep it with me today to capture “the best part of my day” which is the Photo-A-Day theme for this glorious Tuesday.

Am I high?

Seriously? Sometimes I crack myself up. Really?? I really didn’t already know what the best part of my day would be?

I’m stoned.

The best part of every day is morning yoga. Period. There’s no wondering. And even if morning yoga sucked (which it doesn’t, and never has, and never will) but just say it did, for argument’s sake, it would be that rare and luminous kind of suck that would just make you smile and  go, “God, it feels good to be alive!”

It would be the kind of suck that you wish would occur every morning, just so that everything else in your path that day would glow all pink and soft focus-y in comparison to the sucky morning yoga.

But enough of that. Here’s what really happened. A lot of my favorite people came. Then some new people came. Then some people who I only see in the summer when they come to town to visit relatives, came. So there was much happy reunioning time.

And my favorite people are so welcoming to my new people, and to the reunion people, that it totally makes my heart warm and mushy and I want to sing like a rose-breasted grosbeak from the tippy top of a locust tree.

And when they all left and I was alone with the sun and the plant I thought, “Shit! I should have had someone take a picture of that class, because THAT was the best part of my day. Dammit.”

So I brought out the Ipad and trained it on myself and smiled like the goon that I am and this is what the best part of my day looks like when it’s over and I’m in the afterglow.

After Morning Yoga
A little blurry, but good


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