Space Chair

I am playing catch-up with Photo-A-Day. I have missed: Chair,  Garden, and today’s prompt, Lunch.

Chair is an easy one for me because I have a Space Chair. I call it that after Eckart Tolle’s idea of “space consciousness” which, if I understand it, means the act of becoming aware of what you are doing while you are doing it, or in other words, “becoming the witness.”

So, for example it would not be: “I am aware that I am typing on a keyboard.” No. That would be object consciousness.”

Space consciousness is more like: “I am aware that I am aware that I am typing on a keyboard.”

So what does all this have to do with “Chair?”

I don’t know, all I know is that when I sit in this chair, I start ruminating, or reading about things like that.

Space Chair

This is my Space Chair. It’s in my bedroom, which means that it’s not in a public room in the house, so when I sit in it and read, and think, and write, and meditate, nobody else is in the room with me.

I don’t have any electronics in my bedroom (except for my Zen alarm clock) so any electronic-y thing I bring in there is a deliberate choice. And I do bring electronics in there, namely my laptop.

I write my 750 words there on most days. I read there. A few years ago I sat and did Holosync there every day for over 450 days.

I scribble in countless journals while sitting in that chair.


The chair itself is one of those Poang chairs from Ikea. My first Space Chair was a Papasan chair, but I upgraded. This Poang is very comfy and conducive to relaxation, especially with the ottoman.

The picture above is what it looks like now, in July, but in the winter I drape a Woolrich blanket over it which makes it much more cozy to snuggle in. (The dog sleeps there in the winter. Dogs know the coziest places to sleep.)

Winterized Space Chair

Virginia Woolf said that every woman needed a room of her own. I totally agree. But I think that every woman also needs a Space Chair in that Room of Her Own. Every person (not just women) need a place to go where they can shut the door and be alone. Everyone needs a room with a door that closes where it is possible to sit and be transported out of object consciousness  and into that special kind of awareness where awareness itself becomes the main event.

4 thoughts on “Space Chair

  1. I have that chair too – same colour and everything (there’s even a huge pile of books sitting next to it!) And it’s the chair I photographed for the photo-a-day, so I kind of laughed when I read your post. Poang is the ‘in thang’!


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