The Journey Back

The journey back is difficult. Most of the summer I was silent here, but living loud in my life: traveling to Portland and the beach, teaching my beautiful students, playing with plants, riding bicycles, reading big books, cooking, grilling, eating, drinking, talking and laughing.

The other day I was clicking through my photos and the antics of a season seem to have flown by in a blink. So many things done, and yet so many things undone. Books not read. Dear friends not visited. The kayaks still hanging dry from the rafters of the garage.

I thought about a way to “ahem” my way back here, as if to say: Hello? Remember me? But every time I opened up the “New Post” page, the “Where to begin?” monster came and gobbled me whole.

So I took a random selection of photos from the past 3 months and opened iMovie, a program I have very little experience with, but want to learn better, and put together a raggedy scrapbook: “How I spent My Summer Vacation,” the first English class composition of the school year. It’s amateurish, it’s raw, but if it breaks the silence, it may unleash more words and pictures as the days go on.

10 thoughts on “The Journey Back

  1. I love this montage! I am inspired and motivated to get back at blogging. Thank you, because I have been gone all summer, too, and have been hesitant to jump back in. I won’t do anything this creative, but stay posted….


  2. I love this too! I feel like I’ve barely seen you this summer! (well, once a week almost… but only for class!)

    Can’t wait to “catch up” more in Fall!


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