Why am I blogging?

When I started this blog I had a clear intention for it. I was going to report on all the things that inspired me in a day.

Inspiration Location.

It didn’t take me long to run dry, and then I had to scrounge around for inspiring things. But even that wasn’t too bad, because I had to look past the obvious; I had to get creative.

Then I hit a bad patch when the fracking started and I was not happy at all. I started writing basically, “What I had for lunch” type posts to avoid writing about how depressed I was.

It was pretty dismal.

The blog and I started to feel inauthentic. So I stopped it.

I tried starting a new blog, one that didn’t have the pressure of being inspiring, but that one didn’t have a focus either, so it languished, then died.

I have just joined Blogging 101 in the hopes that I can refocus this blog. I want to add value to people’s lives through what I write here. I want to hit a nerve, get a kindred response, articulate something about being human that helps someone else feel not so alone.

I want to start a conversation, and join a conversation. I want to talk about yoga, and writing, and meditating, and eating, and developing personal projects.

I want to “show my work” as Austin Kleon says.

Part of my problem is that the title of this blog doesn’t fit it anymore. Or, it might fit if I clarified it, or spun the word “inspiration” so that it meant just the act of breathing in, rather than some pre-cooked meal I was prepared to offer.

This is the challenge in the coming days. I need to figure this out.

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