Sedona Red Clay Wrap

Today I went to Emerge and had a new experience: A wrap.

First I was massaged front and back with rough silk gloves garshana-style. Then came the application of the red clay which went on like silk.

I was then wrapped, first in sheets, then covered with a blanket, then enshrouded in a mylar blanket. (I looked like a baked potato.)

As my body heated, allowing the beneficial minerals from the clay to seep into my skin and draw toxins out, Jesse, my massage therapist, gave me a nothing-short-of-orgasmic foot massage.

After the foot massage he moved to my face where he worked (but did not succeed) in massaging the shit eating grin off my face. I was then unwrapped back to the sheet, given a robe and slippers and directed into the shower to rinse off.

I thought that was the end, but no. I then returned to the massage table for a short massage to refine and soften my post-shower skin.

It was sort of like this, except no Chinese people talked and there was a red clay part: (To see the YouTube I linked to (which is hilarious) click on the URL link in the footer of this email.

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