Today This Is How It Rolled

This blog is my platform. Every day I step up on it and I say something.

I sort of “busk” on it. I don’t have a hat, but I do make a bid for your attention. I make an offering. I put something out into the world. Some small thing. Most days less than 1000 words. (A lot less, hopefully.) Just a little word-song played on my keypad. A little expression, lightly edited. Then I hit the “Publish” button.

Then tomorrow,  I will climb back up, take the mic again, say another 4 or 5 hundred words, then step back down. 75 people listen to me every day. Sometimes what I say resonates with them and they drop a “Like” into my hat.

Sometimes one of them will feel moved to say something in response.

Then the question becomes: “Why?” Why do I mount the platform everyday? And: “So what?” What’s the point of this?

If I could figure that out, it would be cool.

Do I blog to register my existence? To fulfill some in-born inclination to express?

Nobody asks the dandelion, “What’s your point?” Nobody asks the bird why it sings. It just does.

Is that why I write? Just because? Just because I feel like it?

Why so hard, then? Why does it feel like such an act of bravery, of trust? What’s all this resistance?

Why can’t I just open with the sun, and fold inward at night like the dandelion? Why can’t it just be what I do? No expectations, no hand-wringing, no nervousness, just a daily moment of expression to say, “Hello fellow humans. Good morning (or good evening). Today my offering is this. Today I am thinking about this. Do you ever think about this?

Is my telling you how it is for me opening a door or a window or a mirror for you?

Does my life look like yours?

Is the way I  look at it like the way you do?

Did you ever think about it this way? Is this way of thinking about it interesting? Or boring? When you read it do you think, “So what?” Or do you think nothing at all? Or do you think, “Huh.”

Is it like seeing a dandelion and registering, “dandelion” and moving on? When you read someone’s blog what do you hope to find?

Somebody like you? But also somebody a little different? My favorite bloggers make me think of things in ways I don’t usually think of them. I think, “Huh, that’s interesting. That’s a way of thinking I would have never thought of.” Is that what I want to give to my audience?

As I approach this platform every day all I want to say is, “Today, this is how it rolled.”


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