Yoga and the Apple Watch

Is there anything more obnoxious than a person checking their phone in yoga class? I have seen it happen. Not in MY yoga classes. Oh no. That would not stand. I catch you checking your phone in class? I’ll rip that thing out of your hand, bitch. Don’t even think about it.

But in classes I have been a student in, I have actually seen people checking their phones during savasana.

Which brings me to my new Apple Watch. I have had it less than a week and I still haven’t exploited all its capabilities yet. Just yesterday I discovered that I could just say, “Hey Siri. Call Edith,” and it will call her and I can talk to her from my arm, while I’m driving, for instance.

If I get a text, I get a haptic on my wrist, and I can read the text on the watch, and then respond with my voice.

Tonight during my Power Yoga class, I was doing the warm-ups with my class when I felt the haptic. Without my class even knowing it, I read my text.

(I didn’t answer it, obviously.)

You see where I’m going with this, right? Now that technology is getting really subtle, and people will be able to get notifications right on their watches, it is going to be harder and harder to find techno-free sacred space.

I guess I could choose not to wear my watch during class, and ask that others do the same. And it will probably come to that, but until it does, I will wear it and just see how intrusive it really is, and watch my reaction to it.

I hope I don’t have to bitch-slap myself.

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