How to Write Your Personal Manifesto

I got knee-deep and dirty into my book today. I changed my working title from “Amp Your Vibe” to “How to Create a Project-Driven Life” which is really what it is about.

There are list-making exercises.

There are ways to beta-test project ideas before you commit to them.

There are tips on how to build and sustain your energy and focus for the long-haul.

There is an exercise aimed at helping your write your Personal Manifesto.

This last one is the most important exercise in the whole book, I think. It will reveal what you believe and what you stand for. Knowing this is tremendously helpful for living your life as well as vetting project ideas for their potential “worth.”

Here’s the exercise. Try it. If you do, and need help in creating a Manifesto out of the answers, let me know (or wait for the book!)

Answer these questions as completely as you can.

Who do I admire?
What do I value in the people I admire?
What do I value in the marketplace, as a consumer of goods and services?
What 1 or 2 qualities do I have, that I wished my children, friends or colleagues had?
How do I feel when I feel seen?
What makes me feel safe, secure, appreciated?
How do I want to show up in the world? How do I want to “present”? How do I wish to be seen?
How do I want to express?
How do I want to be known?
What do I want to be known FOR?
What would be the best thing someone could say about me in a eulogy?

If you would find it helpful, I could show you my answers to these questions and show you how I came up with my Personal Manifesto. Let me know in the comments.