Feeding the Holy

I got an email from Jamie Wheal of the Flow Geonome project the other day

The subject line was: “Feeding the Holy.” 

He explained that Feeding the Holy is the Mayan concept of how we keep the wheels on the world when they show very real signs of coming off.

Here are some of his ideas for how to feed the holy:

  • Hosting a cool dinner party with friends and dropping into real conversations that matter
  • Turning off our screens and just being with our kids (or friends or spouses or neighbors)
  • Making a point of watching sunrises and sunsets
  • Making love to the person we’re in love with
  • Picking fresh flowers for the kitchen table and arranging them just so
  • Building a rock cairn in the a stream to delight hikers
  • Losing ourselves in live music and dancing with abandon with good friends
  • Doing whatever you’re inspired to do with full attention, creativity and joy.

I loved this. I want to see if I can keep in in mind and find ways to Feed the Holy every day.

What is holy for me? 

Everything, or a lot of things.

  • Reading
  • Taking a bubble bath
  • Taking a sauna
  • Taking a walk
  • Cooking

There are probably other things, I just need to keep a keen eye out for them.

How do you Feed the Holy?

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