From Palm Trees to Pine Trees

Now I am a serious blogger. I know this because I am posting from Gate D2 at the Charlotte Airport (CLT). I am feeling all bloggerly as I sit cheek by jowl with a whole buncha other people waiting for the (delayed) flight to Philly. 

Left Florida this morning. I liked a lot of what we did there but ultimately I am not a “Florida person.” Too little diversity, too litttle energy, too little friendliness. Florida needs something. It needs a soul, or something. It seems tired. It looks pretty, though. The weather tropical and Hemingway-esque, but the people are wrong. 

And at least 80% of a place is the people.

By 10 PM we will be back in Tioga County. Another place where the people are wrong. (Where are the people right? I don’t know. Possibly nowhere. ) As we flew over Charlotte I saw pine trees. Pine trees are good.

I finished the novel, Euphoria last night. It was okay. I’d give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. It bothered my sleep, so that’s something, right? The story infiltrated my subconscious. I wish I was a storyteller. 

On the plane here to CLT G was crying over her book. I am trying to think of the last novel I read that had me in tears, and I can’t.

Gotta board.


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