NaNoWriMo: Day One. Ka-Bong.

My College Bong

I have been avoiding writing all day. I’ve been doing what all great writers do when faced with a scary writing project: Clean.

There was this impossible blue Rubbermaid bin tucked way in the back of my closet. It was preventing my new bamboo shoe rack from fitting. It needed it to come out if I was going to create any order whatsoever out of the small hillock of shoes on the closet floor.

I suspected this bin contained some memorabilia, too, and this made me feel nervous. I don’t feel quite ready for pictures.

I have to work up to old pictures. Old pictures get to me.

Not on Day One of National Novel Writing Month. I’m not ready.

After I clean this closet, I’ll be more ready.

But just to make sure I was right about this bin being filled with pictures, I opened it.

My Ka-Bong was right there on the top.

I howled.

But after I wiped the tears from eyes from laughing so hard, I knew without a doubt that I was in very deep trouble this month.

So, what I want to do with this blog this month, is chronicle my mental state as I try to write a memoir in a month. I want to watch the process from a distance. I want to Meta-cognate. I want to notice what it feels like to be doing this, how I’m holding up, what is giving me pain and what is giving me pleasure. And write that stuff here.

I want to chronicle how I’m fitting this into an already fairly full life. I want to track my moods, my self-care routines, my daily wins as well as those inevitable failures of courage.

We’ll shall see. Could be interesting.


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day One. Ka-Bong.

    1. This thing is going to be worth something someday. The box is the whole thing, amirite? I’m leaving it to my daughter in my will. I can hear her telling HER grandchildren someday, “And this was my mother’s bong.”


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