Day 2: The Keep Going On Song

So the other day a friend of mine posted this YouTube on her FB page and I opened it and watched it and it made me smile and feel happy.

And because it made me so happy, I shared it with the people doing the Fall Challenge with me in my weekly newsletter to them.

But before I linked to it, I watched it one more time just to be sure the people I was sending it to would like it.

And on the second watching/listening I got to the point where she says:

And I hope you have enough to eat

I hope you’re getting enough sleep

And I hope you have enough good company,

or enough good memories to last you a long time…

And at this point my heart broke open and I started to weep and I wept through the rest of the song because I was so touched and I felt that what she sang about matched everything I have been feeling. And I felt she looked at me through a YouTube video and made me feel connected to her.

I realized that this crazy video medium connects people, or it can, and it can add joy and comfort because it connected me to her. And gave me joy and comfort.

And everything she said resonated, especially the part about how we’re just making this all up as we go along.

And about how we can build the world that we’re imagining now.

This is what broke me wide open today, this nerve-wracking day before the election.

This is going to be my anthem this month.

I have to remember that whatever happens tomorrow to just keep going on.

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