My 21 for 2021 List

I like Gretchen Rubin. Her podcast is one of my faves. Every year for the past three or four she’s suggested doing a list for the New Year based on the last two numbers in the year. So this year it’s 21 for 2021. This list is just random stuff you want to do in the coming year, from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Here’s mine:

1. Revive this blog. Post once a week.

2. Learn my video camera. Read the manual.

3. Read (at least) 25 books. Stay active on Goodreads. Write mini reviews there of everything I read. Consider getting a Kindle.

4. Create a new yoga series called, “Wisdom Yoga.”

5. Learn YouTube better. Create a nice looking channel.

6. Do a yoga mat review. Post it on YouTube.

7. Learn Final Cut Pro (Skillshare)

8. Learn some HTML and CSS (Skillshare)

9. Redo the yoga website. Tweak the template.

10. Make a monthly movie for myself from all the personal footage I take.

11. Keep meditating.

12. Keep writing 1K words a day

13. Do more 16-hour fasts. Do one 18-hour fast per month

15. Continue Time Block planning. Get better at it.

16. Kettle bell swings and/or planks everyday.

17. Hike more when the weather turns.

18. Try a new recipe once a month.

19. Buy a Mac Mini and set it up

20. Take a weekly picture of the Cardiac oak tree

21. Update my LinkedIn profile.

So here’s how it’s going so far.

Demerit: Last week I missed posting here. But I’m going to make up for it by posting double this week. I swear. I want (at least) 52 posts this year.

Gold star: I am off to a great start on reading. I’ve already read and reviewed five books and abandoned one. I’m into Goodreads in a big way. I’ve updated my shelves from when I was on there a million years ago, added some new friends, and find it’s kind of gamifying my reading. I also like stalking my friends and looking at what they’re reading. 

Daily meditation and 1K words a day have been baked in to my life for some time now, so those are kinda “gimmes” on this list. (From doing this exercise in past years, it’s really important to put some gimmes on it. Just in case.)

I’ve also been doing time restricted eating for over a year now, but I’m finding myself getting weary of it and cutting my fasts short. Hungry is boring. But I know I feel better and sleep better when my feeding window is short.

I’m a big fan of Cal Newport and recently bought his Time Block Planner. In just a few short weeks of trying to time block plan, I can see how it can be a total productivity game changer, but it’s still a struggle at this point. It’s really dispiriting to see how little you can actually do in a day.

My new recipe a month resolve is going to be easy since I recently subscribed to Green Chef, one of those all-the-ingredients-in-a-box meal delivery systems. We got our first box last week and it was good. 

So I’m looking forward to this year. 

Has to be better than last year, right?

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