Yoga: The Gateway to Narnia

 Stepping on a yoga mat sends a signal to your brain. And that signal is:

Something very different is going to happen now. 

Things are about to get way simpler.

You’re gonna have to down-shift.

It’s going to be all about your leg. 

Or your shoulder. 

Or some other spot you tend to ignore.

It’s not going to be about work anymore, or the real world, or what’s for dinner. 

For the next hour it’s going to get stupidly elemental. 

Big toe, heel, back of the ankle, calf, shin. 

Like that.

Some body parts are going to get a lot of intense scrutiny. And while scrutinizing them, your mind is going to drift and it’s going to shift.

You might even find yourself in a whole new headspace. 

Or a new landscape. 


(Just kidding. Not Narnia.)

But somewhere really different from your usual neighborhood. If you’ve ever gotten lost on your yoga mat, you know what I mean.

Time deflates like a party balloon. 

Priorities shift like tectonic plates.

Little tremors echo through what you take to be reality.

You had less than zero time for this today, now suddenly this is the only thing that matters.

Yoga is an infinite game. There’s no winner. No loser. The point of the game is to see how long you can play. The point of the game is to stay healthy enough to keep doing it for as long as you last. 

Persistently, with reverence, for a long time.

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