The Yoga of January is the Yoga of Recommitment

Maybe the reason you stopped practicing in the first place was that YOU changed but your practice didn’t.


For many of us, the Yoga of January is the yoga of recommitment.

We need to fit our yoga back into our life again. 

We need to get back to regular practice. 

We’re falling apart.

And what better time than now! 

New Year, New You! 

Clean slate! 

January first! 

And is there anything more thrilling and hopeful than starting a new year with a pristine new calendar?

I think not. 

But then it happens.

On some random Tuesday in March, you find yourself tired and grouchy, snapping for no reason, being mean and lazy, and eating crap.

You’re up to your old self-neglect stuff again. 

What happened?

How could a thing that started off so well tank so hard? 

Where did your practice de-rail? 

And why?

But what if, right at that very moment, on that random Tuesday in March, when you’re berating yourself for letting things slide, you could record-scratch re-wind and get this January 1st mojo back?

You can, you know.  And all it takes is to decide to. Just decide that TODAY is day one. And begin again.

Every time you step on your mat, you start over. 

You’re very different today from the person you were yesterday, or four months ago, or a year ago. Your body feels different and your reasons for practicing have probably shifted, too.

Maybe when you first started practicing yoga you were all about wanting to master a hard pose or were really into sweating and detoxing.

Maybe the reason you stopped practicing in the first place was that you changed but your practice didn’t. 

Maybe you found yourself still practicing as if flexibility or handstands mattered a lot when what you really need now from your time on the mat, is more meditation. 

Or breathwork.

Or who knows. 

Just not that.

If you’ve changed, but your yoga hasn’t, it’s time for a heart-to-heart with yourself.  

You and your yoga practice have to adapt and grow.

The best vehicle for that heart-to-heart is the mat. Get on it. It’s your magic carpet.

Sit, or take Child’s pose, or just lie on it.

Welcome yourself home. Wish yourself a Happy New Year and then just listen. Adjust your antenna until you get a strong signal, then follow that.

It’s a new year’s day every time you step on your mat.

Happy New Year.

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