Hearing Aids and My Favorite Martian

So. Hearing aids tomorrow. 

I spent a a good three hours today researching the hearing aids I’m getting. 

They are Starkey Evolv AI CICs

Starkey Evolv AI CIC hearing aid

They get great reviews except for their Bluetooth connectivity. People complain it goes out a lot.


This is bad news, because all I really want are really good Bluetooth ear buds that will let me take calls hands-free, listen to my audio books and podcasts and, as an extra bonus, get some hearing augmentation. 

I have the appointment with the audiologist tomorrow and I get to try them out for 30 days.

I really want them to work out. 

I watched a YouTube review of them by an audiologist named Dr.Cliff in Phoenix who does dozens of hearing aid reviews. 


That’s where I learned that these particular aids have this Bluetooth problem. My hope is since the time of this review, Starkey has resolved this Bluetooth problem. 

*Fingers crossed*

I’m getting the impression that a lot of people who become candidates for hearing aids are also of the generation who are tech-phobic. 

I fit that age demographic, but I like tech. It doesn’t freak me out at all. I am willing to figure stuff out that I don’t initially understand.

Everything is figureoutable. Especially when I have Google and YouTube.

Today I had to reboot these BTE hearing aids that I’ve been road testing for the last month, and have decided I don’t like. For for some mysterious reason they started playing a little three note chime every minute.

I went online, found the fix, rebooted the aids and the app, and although I would like to say I was able to solve the problem, I wasn’t. The things still chime. But I did everything I could have done and now the factory will have to deal with them.

I am surrendering them for these new CIC ones tomorrow, anyway, so I’m not concerned.  

One thing Dr. Cliff did not like about these Starkey CICs was that the antenna stuck out of the ears a little too far, he thought. He thought it looked like he was communicating with aliens.

I wasn’t bothered by these little protruding antennae at all. They reminded me of My Favorite Martian.

In My Favorite Martian which ran on CBS from ’63 to ’66, Ray Walston played Uncle Martin, an extraterrestrial who has various unusual powers. He lives with Tim, played by Bill Bixby, who found him.

Uncle Martin can raise two retractable antennae from the back of his head and become invisible. He is telepathic and can read and influence minds. He can levitate objects with the motion of his index finger and communicate with animals.

When I looked at the little extending antennas from these new hearing aids, I thought of Uncle Martin. Maybe some day these antennae will allow me to become invisible, too, and talk to animals and levitate things with my index finger.

It’s totally possible.

But for now all I want is to be able to talk on the phone and listen to my media.

It’s not too much to ask.

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