Why Live Yoga Zooms Are Great

Zoom yoga class on the monitor

I must say I am happy with the attendance at the Live Yoga Zooms. Wisconsin! Florida! Alabama! Tioga! Wellsboro! Oregon! Hey! How’s it going! Let’s start in Child’s pose, shall we?

But I also think lots more people need to rethink Yoga Live Zooms. 

Zoom Fatigue Is Over

Look. Nobody has Zoom fatigue anymore. Most people aren’t doing back-to-back Zoom calls every day. The kids are back to school, you’re probably back to work live too, or are doing it hybrid. 

And that means Zoom is back to becoming what it was designed to be in the first place: the solution to a problem. 

What’s the Yoga problem that Live Yoga Zoom solves?

For one thing, Procrastination:

If yoga can be done at any time, it will be done at no time. But, if you know that your yoga class only happens in this one 5:30-6:30 time window on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, you’re more likely to build it into your day. (Remember: the class on Fridays is at 4:30.)

Even if you’re local and you could conceivably drive to class, you still might want to practice from home because of commute time, gas prices, or general laziness and sloth.

Live Zoom Yoga is Comfortable.

There’s something to be said for Pj bottoms, a ratty tee, hair in a bun. Not having to get dressed and move out of your environment has definite appeal.

Saves a fortune on Lulu, too.

But the real draw is that these classes are spontaneous and fun!  When there are people Live in the Room and people Live on the Zoom we tend to laugh a lot.

 I love to laugh. 

True Confession: I hated making the pre-recorded videos. Mainly because I could never joke around on them. Don’t you just want to stab that person making the same stupid joke over and over on a video?  Since these videos were made to be practiced with again and again over time, I could never, ever make jokes on them.

But you know me. I can’t resist making fun of myself, or other people. So if you come to the studio classes, not only do you get the benefit of the lighting, the music, the back presses, the zen simplicity of the space, the absence of laundry baskets and dirty dishes, you also get the spontaneity, the witticisms, and the wisdom.


 And the same goes for you Live Zoomers. If you keep your camera on and adjusted so I can see you, I will make fun of your ceiling fan, talk to your cat, and suggest variations and adjustments. I might even mention that your legs were the first to hit the ground in a slow-legs-to-the-floor contest. Ahem.

But truthfully, I think if it were me practicing along at home as a Zoomer, there would be days when I’d turn my camera on, and days when I’d hide. I might pop on to say hi and bye, but there is definitely something wonderful and naughty about going rogue during a live yoga class. Doing what you want, instead of what’s being led. Child’s pose. Not Downdog.

So really. Think about it. 

Do the numbers. 

If you subscribe, you pay $20 a month. If you were to come to a Live Zoom class just twice a month, you’d get your money’s worth, plus some.

Sporadic Yoga is Fine

 I never think a measly hour of yoga is going to change much of anything. I’m too far gone. My body is old and stiff and my mind? Pfft. Shitshow. 

But every single solitary time I get up from my mat, my first thought is always: Dang. 

Dang, dang, dang. How can I feel worlds better in the space of a measly hour?

But it happens every, single, time.

Am I right? 

You know I’m right. So let’s do it. Come.

I want to see your name on that screen.

I want to make friends with your cat.

If you are reading this and don’t subscribe and want to, just go here

Buy the monthly membership. It auto-renews, but it’s easy to cancel at any time

 Twenty bucks a month gets you the 3 Live “Spontaneous and Fun” Zooms every week, plus access to a library of over 100 pre-recorded, stupid-joke-free, classes.

 Let’s connect!

Tell me about your life?

Do you do yoga?

If so, how has where you do it changed in the last few years?

If not, what do you do to keep your sh*% together? 

I’d really like to know. 

Here’s me and Rookie on the Egg chair. 

Namaste and Love!


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